Emergency Flood Response

Emergency Flood Response
emergency flood response

Active 24/7, we intervene with the utmost timeliness

The recent and marked climatic changes create more and more often, weather conditions with very high rainfall indices that create serious and harmful situations of discomfort due to the confluence of huge volumes of water within the sewer networks now undersized compared to the actual operating conditions.

In the numerous years of specific service, the company has developed an emergency flood response service that allows it to intervene as quickly as possible to tackle all the problems that can affect both civilian homes as well as the production points of companies, schools, public bodies and communities. The means of ownership allow us to be promptly operational even in the most difficult and dangerous situations.

The intervention of our technicians, all highly competent, guarantees an adequate solution in a short time and limits as much as possible the damage that water can cause to things and people, following a flood.

Our emergency flood response service takes action with suitable equipment and in a meticulous and well organized way. Only through a complete logistic organization and the use of suitable tools and specialized personnel it is possible to intervene in a professional way and to solve flooding problems effectively and immediately.

In the event of an emergency we offer an accurate flood emergency response service available 24/7. Call 035 42 89 800 for an emergency service to guarantee your company or home a professional and immediate intervention.