Sludge Dewatering plants

Sludge Dewatering plants
sludge dewatering

The mobile solution to any cleaning problem of your purifier!

Franchini Servizi Ecologici specializes in the dewatering of pumpable sludge.

We dehydrate biological sludge, digested sludge, drinking water sludge, drilling sludge, sludge from washing of aggregates and primary sludge.

The proposed service consists in carrying out the sludge dewatering service of plants produced by the wastewater treatment processes, operated by mobile systems positioned directly at the customer's purifier.

The mobile systems we have are all recently built, characterized by high technological contents, high treatment potential: centrifuges with capacity from 900 to 4000 kg SST / h, filter press 1200x1200, all designed by our company in order to obtain the maximum operational flexibility and the best process yields.

The economic / managerial advantages achievable by the choice to use our service derive from several factors:

  • lower production of sludge to be transported and disposed of: the sludge dewatering process we carry out extracts higher percentages of water than many of the traditional systems commonly used in purifiers. This allows a significant decrease in the mass of dehydrated sludge produced and consequent considerable savings on transport and disposal costs;
  • greater cost control, deriving from the lesser staff employed; lower electricity consumption; amortization and maintenance of fixed systems; lower purchase of reagents;
  • reduction of overhead costs deriving from the complete outsourcing of a service which for a purification plant is marginal to the core business.