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SA8000 Reports

The SA 8000 management system is the international standard for corporate social responsibility certification, encompassing respect for human rights, workers' rights, protection against child labor exploitation, and ensuring safety and health in the workplace.

Franchini SpA Ecological Services is committed to ensuring compliance with social responsibility principles. In this regard, comments, recommendations, reports, or complaints related to the work environment and/or social responsibility requirements can be submitted to the email address

References for the Certification Body DNV are also available: Via Energy Park, 14, 20871 Vimercate (MI), Italy, Tel: 039 6899905, email:, and the SAAS (International Accreditation Body for Certification Bodies): S.A.A.S., 220 East 23rd Street, Suite 605, New York, New York 10010, USA, email:, fax: +212-684-1515.

As stipulated in point 9.2 of the SA8000 standard, Franchini SpA Ecological Services has established and operates the Social Performance Team (SPT), a group of individuals composed of both management representatives and worker representatives working together for the management and development of the social responsibility system.

Whistleblowing Reports

Legislative Decree 24/2023 introduces a new whistleblowing discipline, referring to the voluntary disclosure by an individual (referred to as the "reporter" or "whistleblower") of facts learned during the course of their work activities.

Franchini Servizi S.p.a implements the regulatory provisions as specified in the attached "Whistleblowing Procedure", approved by the Board of Directors.

Subject of the report

Conduct or offenses constituting violations of European Union law or national regulatory provisions.

How to make a report

Reports can be submitted through the following online platform, ensuring the confidentiality of the reporter, individuals involved in the report, and any attached documentation, accessible at the following link:!/WB/FRANCHINI

Who can report

  • Employees
  • Workers or collaborators of suppliers of goods or services or companies performing work for Franchini Servizi S.p.a
  • Freelancers or consultants providing services to Franchini Servizi S.p.a
  • Volunteers and interns, paid and unpaid, working for Franchini Servizi S.p.a
  • Individuals with functions in Franchini Servizi S.p.a. in administration, management, control, supervision, or representation.

Recipient of the report

In accordance with Legislative Decree 24/2023, the "Legal-Administrative Manager" is appointed as the sole manager of reports in Franchini Servizi S.p.a.

Please note

The reporter providing their personal details will be granted all the protections stipulated by Legislative Decree 24/2023. Anonymous reports will only be considered if adequately detailed and include informative elements useful for verification; the protections granted by the Decree will not apply to anonymous reports, except as provided in Article 16(4) of the same.

The provided information will be processed in accordance with personal data protection and privacy regulations, as outlined in the whistleblowing privacy information.

Attached documents

Franchini for the sustainability

Franchini Ecological Services - Bergamo and province


Franchini S.p.A. Servizi Ecologici operates with an integrated quality, environment and safety system certified by DNV and with a strong sensitivity to the social welfare aspects in compliance with standards:

Servicios Ecológicos Franchini - Bérgamo y provincia
Servicios Ecológicos Franchini - Bérgamo y provincia
Servicios Ecológicos Franchini - Bérgamo y provincia

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