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Remote inspection, georeferencing and mapping of sewer and other networks

The network mapping service that Franchini S.p.A. Servizi Ecologici provides to its customers is an additional and/or complementary element to the maintenance cleaning system, but of fundamental importance.

In fact, it allows a video survey and survey of the layout of sewer networks and their state of conservation.

Thanks to robotised television probes, satellite detection systems (3D-Geosense system), radio detectors and the mobile computerised system, we are able to carry out a detailed technical study of the sewer under examination with the survey of the course of the pipeline, returning the instantaneous coordinates of each point, cataloguing the data relating to the geometry of the section, exact determination of the layout in 3D, exact satellite position, slope of the pipeline, location of connections, location of any anomalies (breaks, infiltration of roots, . ..) and thus to carry out a complete and accurate mapping of the sewer network.

With latest-generation instrumentation, such as that of Franchini S.p.A. Servizi Ecologici, it is easier to identify structural problems in the network with absolute precision, in order to carry out targeted and decisive pipe maintenance work.


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