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A shared value for people and the territory

Franchini S.p.A. carries out its activities guided by three fundamental values: technological innovation, welfare and sustainability. The creation of shared value between people and territory is at the heart of the operating model, a modus operandi that conditions the design choices and processes implemented every day by Franchini S.p.A.. The ultimate goal is great: to improve people's quality of life and help create a more sustainable future.

Gianluigi Franchini

Andrea and Gianluigi Franchini

“Sustainability and economic success go hand in hand at Franchini S.p.A. As a leader in the environmental services sector, we have the ambition to be at the forefront in respecting the environment and the people who live in it”.

Gianluigi Franchini, The Chief Executive
Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia
Franchini S.p.A. Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia

Environmental Sustainability

Responsible interaction with the environment is one of the cornerstones of Franchini S.p.A.'s growth strategy. The company headquarters in Bolgare (BG) covers an area of 34,000 square metres, of which about 6,000 are covered. The building is equipped with the most modern technologies in terms of environmental respect, acoustic and thermal insulation. Thanks to these design choices, the objective of optimising energy-related emissions in the coming years is concretely attainable. The focus on energy rationalisation has been formalised by obtaining UNI EN ISO 50001-energy management systems certification in April 2022.

Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia
Facts, not just words!
  • 269 photovoltaic panels have been installed for a power output of 104KW of electricity.
  • Air quality, air conditioning and lighting are managed by a home automation system interconnected to the company's management software.
  • Various motion sensors are installed in the interior spaces, and the lighting system is self-adaptive and uses low-energy LED lighting fixtures.
  • Attention to nature: in the 6200 square metres of green areas 110 high-trunk and 440 low-medium-trunk plants have been planted; irrigation is managed by an interconnected PLC and uses water recovered from the roofs of the sheds.
  • An indoor charging station for electric cars has been installed.
  • There is a rainwater collection tank for the supply of self-purging cars.
  • Waste is delivered to authorised facilities with high environmental awareness and ample capacity, as well as deep ethical awareness.
  • Transports are organised with particular attention to the reduction of routes: the aim is to limit the production of pollutants; the vehicles used for transport are all of the latest generation and have low emissions. A strict maintenance programme ensures that the vehicles are always environmentally efficient and safe.
  • Franchini S.p.A. is a plastic-free company: there is an osmosis water dispenser at the headquarters and each employee has been provided with a personal ecological water bottle.
Franchini S.p.A. Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia

Innovation and Technology

Corporate innovation is about introducing new processes and constantly improving existing ones. Franchini S.p.A. is truly a 2.0 company: technology is at the heart of the processes, making them perform. Franchini S.p.A. has a large fleet of technologically advanced vehicles and equipment, with low polluting emissions, capable of responding to every operational need. Selected technologies and know-how are designed, developed and supplied in-house. Many vehicles are interconnected with the company's PWA with real-time provision of functional data on the quality of service provided.

Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia
Facts, not just words!
  • The new site in Bolgare is totally IoT: access control, fuel supply, irrigation system, fire prevention system, burglar alarm system, air conditioning management, storage department, spare parts warehouse and equipment are all managed and monitored remotely because they are interconnected to the company PWA and integrated by a single global home automation system.
  • All sludge sample analysis data is entered into Franchini SpA's management software for effective planning and constant monitoring of activities.
Franchini S.p.A. Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia

People at the Centre

Franchini S.p.A. has always been focused on creating value for individuals, putting them at the centre of all its activities. First and foremost, its people, who represent the heart and strength of the company.

People's involvement, well-being and development are fundamental pillars of Franchini S.p.A.'s sustainability strategy. People, a fundamental asset in the company's wealth of competencies and a primary resource to foster and accelerate processes of innovation and change, are those to whom the company owes its growth path. Passion, dedication and everyone's constant work allow Franchini S.p.A. to reach increasingly ambitious goals.

Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia
Facts, not just words!
  • The company premises are designed to improve employee comfort: intelligent lighting in the work rooms, special attention to the microclimate and soundproofing of the rooms.
  • Each operator is provided with a wide range of clothing and PPE expressly chosen on the basis of many years of experience.
  • The operators' work clothing is equipped with RFid tags, to uniquely associate each uniform with each operator.
  • The vehicles are all recent and with cabs equipped with all driver comforts.
  • Dozens of safety systems are available for risk-free work at heights or in confined spaces: all the equipment and measuring instruments used for safety follow a careful maintenance and verification programme managed by the company's PWA.
  • A wall system is installed at the entrance to the changing room for the automatic drying of 50 pairs of work shoes; work gloves (if intact) are washed, sanitised and dried internally.
  • Every request received from the operators, especially if it relates to increasing the level of safety, is punctually taken up and evaluated by the sector manager.
  • The highly advanced digitalisation is a fundamental support for the operators in all phases of management and registration of activities.
  • The new offices have been designed with a view to creating a productive but at the same time comfortable working environment: the workspaces are completely soundproofed; the single environment favours and encourages socialisation and synergies between the different operational areas; the furnishing elements are adapted to people's needs.

Franchini S.p.A. and the concept of "open company"

Franchini Spa is a company "open" to people: in our headquarters we have created a space that will be made available to local associations and schools for initiatives and events. Equipped with 65 seats and a 220-inch hd display that can be connected (via wireless network) to any device, the Vision Room can host meetings, corporate events and in-house training courses.

A place useful for corporate training, but more importantly open to the local area and the public. Courses and workshops for schools on topics such as sustainable innovation, recycling, and respect for the environment will be organized here. The Vision Room will also be made available free of charge to local associations that need a space equipped for events and conferences.

Because sustainability always stands for solidarity.


Franchini S.p.A. Servizi Ecologici operates with an integrated quality, environment and safety system certified by DNV and with a strong sensitivity to the social welfare aspects in compliance with standards:

Servicios Ecológicos Franchini - Bérgamo y provincia
Servicios Ecológicos Franchini - Bérgamo y provincia
Servicios Ecológicos Franchini - Bérgamo y provincia

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