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Maintenance cleaning of sewer networks

Since 1976 Franchini S.p.A. has gained experience in the field of maintenance cleaning of sewer networks which today distinguishes it by offering a complete and professional service. Correct and scheduled maintenance of sewer networks is important in order to avoid emergency situations, malfunctions and bad smells. Franchini S.p.A., using specialised technicians, modern and high-performance means and thanks to the experience acquired in forty-five years of activity, is able to face and solve any problem concerning sewerage networks and provide ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of any type of system, both civil and industrial, providing for the delivery of waste to authorised disposal plants. In the event of emergencies Franchini S.p.A., through an emergency service active every day 24 hours a day, intervenes with the utmost timeliness and with all the necessary tools to solve specific problems, even those of high complexity.

Civil Networks

Franchini S.p.A. Servizi Ecologici offers a civil purging service mainly on sewer networks (from collection to wastewater purification) serving residential buildings in the province of Bergamo and surrounding areas. As this activity is aimed at maintaining the perfect functionality of these drains, it requires territorial proximity that allows intervention in a short time in relation to the occurrence of malfunctioning of the infrastructure.

Industrial Networks

Franchini S.p.A. Servizi Ecologici operates a cleaning service on sewerage networks (from collection to wastewater purification) serving buildings for production and/or commercial use throughout the country with timeliness and competence and with particular attention to respect for the environment and safety regulations. Industrial sewage services are used to maintain efficient sewerage systems in industrial production facilities.

Road o Route Networks

Franchini S.p.A. is able to carry out road purging services that include cleaning and maintenance of manholes, manhole covers, pipes, drains, cleaning of sewer networks and channels. Franchini employs vehicles equipped with 'water recirculation' technology in its road drainage services, which allows the water resulting from drainage activities to be reused: a concrete commitment to respect the environment.


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