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Maintenance cleaning of purification tanks

Ponds and all concrete artefacts used in the water purification cycle require periodic cleaning in order to reduce the volume of sludge present.

From lagooning tanks, to settling tanks, to sewage treatment plant tanks, the need is to eliminate sediment deposited on the bottom to maintain full efficiency by performing the service by leaving them in operation and therefore without emptying them.

The tanks are normally large in size, contain large volumes of water and can present access problems. Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years and the specific skills developed in the sector, Franchini has developed new methods of carrying out the cleaning of industrial tanks without stopping and therefore without blocking the work cycle, thanks also to special equipment designed in-house.

The cleaning cycle devised by Franchini Servizi Ecologici is carried out by placing a floating dredger in the tank; the sludge taken from the dredger undergoes desanding, screening and dewatering before being delivered to the appropriate disposal plants; the workers operate from the outside in complete safety, without having to enter confined spaces.


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