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Maintenance cleaning of wastewater treatment tanks with floating dredger or underwater ROV

Wastewater treatment tanks and all cement structures used in the water reclamation cycle require periodic cleaning to reduce the volumes of sediment present.

From lagoon tanks to settling tanks, to the tanks of wastewater treatment plants, the need is to remove the deposits settled at the bottom to maintain full efficiency, all while performing the service and keeping them in operation, without draining them.

Tanks are typically of considerable size, contain high volumes of water, and may pose access challenges. Thanks to the expertise gained over the years and specific skills developed in the field, Franchini S.p.A. has devised new methodologies for carrying out industrial tank cleaning activities without interruption, thus not halting the workflow, thanks to internally designed special equipment.

The cleaning process developed by Franchini S.p.A. involves introducing a floating dredger into the tank. The sediments collected by the dredger undergo sand removal, screening, and dehydration before being disposed of in designated facilities. The use of underwater ROVs expands the cleaning options, always with the goal of not disrupting operations.

This innovative approach allows operators to work safely from the outside, eliminating the need to access confined spaces.

Franchini S.p.A. is committed to providing advanced cleaning solutions that meet customer needs in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency.


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