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Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia

Mechanical separation of solid pollutants such as sands, silts, clays or organic substances

The sludge degritting has the objective of effectively removing sands and inert solids, normally heavier than organic, present in the sewage sludge and foundations present on the bottom of the products.

The sands and aggregates present could cause damage to the mechanical equipment used in the subsequent water treatment phases.

Franchini Servizi Ecologici is the only company in Italy that is able to carry out this procedure up to removing particles up to 40 microns in size via mud via mobile systems.

Once the sands are extracted, the latter undergo washing and dehydration operations before being sent to landfills and / or re-used before being deposited in a special container.

The sludge degritting is usable and particularly indicated in the maintenance phases of the technical products present in the treatment plants.

The sludge degritting is particularly suitable for classifying the foundations present in anaerobic operators, in tanks and in purification sectors.

The sludge degritting allows the correct separation of the various phases directly on site, thus allowing to reduce the management costs of the disposal of the resulting waste.

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