Sludge screening

Sludge screening
sludge screening

Removal of coarse bodies and objects from wastewater

The sludge screening consists of a coarse mechanical filtration operation, at 5 or 10 mm, with the aim of retaining non-sedimentable coarse solids (rags, plastic, etc.) and coarse sedimentable solids (gravel, etc.) present in water and sewage sludge.

Franchini Servizi Ecologici is able to deal with this phase of primary importance in the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the technical products included in the purification cycle.

The sludge screening is usable and particularly indicated in the maintenance phases of the technical products present in the treatment plants.

The sludge screening is particularly suitable for classifying the foundations present in anaerobic operators, in tanks and in the purification sectors.

The sludge screening allows the correct separation of the various phases directly on site, thus allowing to reduce the management costs of the disposal of the resulting waste.