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Cleaning of the lamination tank

Franchini S.p.A. took care of the cleaning of a lamination tank built by Impresa Milesi s.r.l. on behalf of Brianzacque in the municipality of Macherio (MB).

To Franchini S.p.A. the preparatory cleaning for commissioning was commissioned and requested by the construction company in order to be able to proceed with a further waterproofing intervention.

The rolling tank, with a total surface area of approximately 2,800 m2, is completely underground: access is only possible through trapdoors on the surface.

It is therefore a confined space, which requires particular attention: Franchini Servizi Ecologico has staff specialized in working in confined environments, equipped with all the personal protective equipment suitable for operating in maximum safety.

The intervention of Franchini S.p.A:

  • Making the tank safe
  • Start of the forced ventilation process by means of centrifugal extractors and continuous verification, using a specific instrument, of the healthy state of the atmosphere inside the tank (Gas-free);
  • Once Gas-free has been obtained, cleaning activities will begin;
  • Washing of the bottom of the tank via canal jet;
  • Washing of the walls with a high pressure water jet and conveyance of the washing water into the pumps supplied with the tank by means of a canal jet;
  • Suction of the sandy sediments present at the bottom of the pump pit and subsequent transport and disposal at an authorized plant;
  • Gas Free certification of the tank with release of a declaration of conformity by a qualified professional;
  • At the end of the work, a remote inspection was carried out to check and demonstrate the perfect execution of the cleaning intervention (requested by the client).

The intervention was completed in 25 days, respecting the times and costs foreseen in the estimate phase.

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