Eternit Collection and Transport

Eternit Collection and Transport
eternit collection and transportation

Reclamation and removal in complete safety

Before transport to the eternit disposal plants, the material must be properly packaged on pallets, encapsulated in order to avoid the dispersion of asbestos fibers and tied with plastic film.

Eternit is a material composed of a set of minerals, used in the past for the production of products such as roof coverings, flues, water tanks, water pipes and corrugated sheets.

When presented in a compact form it does not represent particular health risks.

Asbestos becomes dangerous when the fibers of which it is made fragment due to natural causes or the action of man and are released into the air. The thinnest and lightest fibers that can remain suspended in the air for many hours and days, if you breathe, can cause the formation of melanomas.

For this reason, the abandonment and storage on the ground of eternit, like other hazardous waste, is prohibited by art. 192 of Legislative Decree 152/2006 which provides for significant administrative and financial penalties for such violations.