Solid Wastes Transport

Solid Wastes Transport
solid waste transportation

From loading, transport, disposal, we offer adequate and safe solutions at all levels

We offer a service for the disposal and transportation of solid waste such as industrial and civil sludge, dangerous and non-hazardous, ADR.

Franchini Servizi Ecologici provides an efficient fleet of transport vehicles dedicated to a range of services for the management and correct transport of solid waste produced by an industrial or civil activity.

We are able to satisfy every need by identifying the most appropriate solutions in full compliance with the current regulations.

We have efficient vehicles of the latest generation, led by qualified operators and equipped for every need of loading and transporting any hazardous, solid, liquid and pumpable special waste, wrapped in bulks or in packages.

We ensure an accurate and punctual collection schedule, which satisfies the customer's needs promptly.

We can transport waste to authorized plants of final destination, selected for the high attention to the environment and the large accommodation capacity.

We provide the customer with a regulatory and technical consultancy service, in order to propose adequate and safe solutions at various levels, from the way waste is produced to the final disposal options.