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Cleaning and inertization of anaerobic digesters and fermenters

Franchini S.p.A. Ecological Services offers a turnkey solution for the cleaning and inertization of anaerobic digesters and fermenters, starting from the inertization and safety phase to the delivery of a clean and gas-free digester. As a leading company in the Italian market for cleaning and reclamation of anaerobic digesters and fermenters, Franchini S.p.A. possesses specialized and well-trained personnel, along with all the necessary technologies and machinery to independently perform all activities required for delivering a clean and gas-free structure.

The service unfolds in three phases:

1 - Technical site inspection

Specialized technical activities aimed at collecting sensitive data, along with samples necessary for the proper planning of the service. A site inspection is carried out at the construction site or in the facilities requiring reclamation, identifying the necessary work for a proper intervention and determining the quantity and quality of material to be removed.

2 - Feasibility analysis and classification – intervention design

Based on the technical analysis of data collected during the site inspection and the results of analytical tests conducted in our analysis laboratory, the best intervention methods and the corresponding commercial offer are defined and designed.

3 - Inertization, cleaning, and reclamation intervention

The safety inertization of the structure to be cleaned is the first phase of the service and a prerequisite for all subsequent activities. Nitrogen is used as an inert technical gas—dry and clean, effective in securing potentially explosive spaces/volumes (tanks, pipelines, and anaerobic digesters). Nitrogen injection reduces the possibility of combustion in potentially explosive environments by generating stable gas mixtures. Inertization through nitrogen is carried out using various procedures, depending on the needs and conditions of the environment to be reclaimed and rendered inert. Through specialized and qualified technical personnel, using appropriate machinery and equipment, the digester cleaning intervention is then executed.


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