Anaerobic Digester Cleaning

Anaerobic Digester Cleaning
anaerobic digester cleaning

Qualified technical staff and advanced machinery for a specialized intervention

Franchini SpA is able to offer a turnkey cleaning service for digesters and purifiers starting from the inertization and safety phase up to the delivery phase of the clean and gas free digester.

Franchini SpA, a leading company in the Italian market in the cleaning and remediation of anaerobic digesters, has specialized and adequately trained staff and all the necessary technologies and machinery in order to perform all the activities necessary for the delivery of the clean and gas free.

The anaerobic digesters cleaning service develops in 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Technical inspection

Specialized technical activity aimed at collecting all sensitive data combined with samples necessary for the development of a correct service design activity. An inspection is carried out on the construction site or in the plants to be subjected to remediation, the works necessary for correct intervention are identified and the quantity of material to be removed is identified.

Phase 2 - Feasibility and classification analysis - intervention planning

From the technical analysis of the data collected during the inspection carried out, from the result of the analytical checks carried out at our analysis laboratory, the best intervention methods and the relative commercial offer are defined and designed.

Phase 3 - Cleaning and remediation intervention

Through special machinery and equipment, managed by highly specialized and qualified technical staff, the anaerobic digester cleaning is performed, ensuring quality and safety, low intervention times, and optimization of the quantities of waste produced.

At the end of the intervention, after the necessary checks, a gas verification report is issued to the customer, in which a regularly qualified technician certifies that all the activities performed are in accordance with the law.