Interventions in confined spaces

Interventions in confined spaces
interventions in confined spaces

The utmost attention to the necessary safety procedures

The Franchini Servizi Ecologici company has staff with many years of experience specializing in interventions in confined spaces. The Franchini Servizi Ecologici company uses all the individual protection devices suitable for carrying out interventions in confined spaces in maximum safety.

The staff is continuously updated and trained with internal and external speakers on specific risk factors, the correct use of PPE, instrumentation and equipment for each type of activity as well as on the correct safety procedures and behavioral rules to be adopted.

For interventions in confined spaces we can mean:

  • in a limited space, characterized by limited access openings and by unfavorable natural ventilation, in which an important accidental event may occur, in the presence of dangerous chemical agents (eg gas, vapors, dust) or in the absence of oxygen
  • in a space large enough and configured so that a worker can access it entirely to perform the assigned work, but with limited or restricted access for entry / exit. It is not designed for continuous activity.
  • in a totally or partially closed place, not designed and built to be occupied permanently by people, but which, on occasion, can be temporarily occupied for the execution of work interventions such as inspection, repair, maintenance, cleaning. 

The specific type of risks relevant to the health of workers in confined spaces has led Franchini SpA to develop the utmost attention to the safety procedures necessary for work in confined spaces.