Cleaning of Fermenters

Cleaning of Fermenters
fermenters cleaning

Careful maintenance and interventions to guarantee the perfect functioning of the systems

The strong increase in the presence on the national territory of biogas production plants deriving from animal dejection of farms and biomass waste, created in order to alleviate the nitrate problem and at the same time to enhance through the production of bio-gas what has in fact always been considered scraps, they created new specific problems to be addressed.

Franchini Servizi Ecologici offers a cleaning service for fermenters and anaerobic digesters, used in the biogas production of the agronomic sector.

An accurate and efficient anaerobic digestion guarantees cost optimization, optimizes the production yield of "clean energy", such as bio-gas, valued for its ability to generate heat and electricity. Therefore it is necessary to carry out maintenance activities and careful cleaning of the fermenters and anaerobic digesters to keep the digestion process efficient over time.

All the interventions carried out comply with the law in terms of safety of operating personnel, environmental sustainability and reduction of polluting materials.