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Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia

Before we take act we determine precisely the nature of the problem

At our process analysis laboratory, all the mud samples taken during the fact-finding visits to customers are characterized. The data collected and the results are recorded in the company database, as they are essential for the correct formulation of a commercial technical offer for a customer.

At our process analysis laboratory, all the characteristic samples of pumpable sludge, dehydrated sludge, foundations and centered water are collected daily during the sludge dehydration and sanding process carried out at the customers' premises.

Through our process analysis laboratory we can simulate and determine with absolute precision the chemical-physical characteristics of the pollutants present in the technological equipment before, during and after the remediation intervention and all the performance obtainable from individual industrial processes.

In this way we have complete control of each of the intervention phases, we are able to guarantee an effective and economically advantageous result for the customer.

In our laboratory, we carry out more than 2500 verification tests annually, also often advising manufacturers of purification machines to evaluate the optimal success of the plants.

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