Road Drainage

Road Drainage
roads drainage

A small blockage can become a big problem of traffic and safety

Franchini SpA is able to carry out road drainages which involve the cleaning and maintenance of wells, manholes, pipes, drains, cleaning of sewage networks and pipes.

Over time, the material that is brought in by rainwater can cause obstruction at the entrance of the sewage network and cause flooding of the road surface, here incures the importance of carrying out periodic maintenance of the drains and road grilles, as well as to intervene promptly and immediately in the road bleeding operation in order to always keep them in perfect working order.

A small blockage can in fact become a major traffic and safety problem.

Franchini SpA deploys vehicles equipped with "water recirculation" technology in road drainage services that allows the reuse of water deriving from drainage activities: a real commitment to respect the environment.