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The canal Jet is a hydrodynamic washing system that uses a nozzle mounted in the end part of the flexible pipe, capable of spraying high pressure water in the pipes (sewers and pipe lines), in order to remove deposits and debris deposited.

The technique is widely applied in the field of civil and industrial drainage for the cleaning and descaling of pipe lines and sewer pipes.

The bleeding vehicles are all equipped with pumps capable of reaching a pressure of between 120 and 250 BAR and a maximum water flow rate of 400 liters per minute.

The nozzle is able to advance inside the pipeline by dragging the connection and water supply pipe behind it by means of the traction force impressed by the water.

In the meantime, the same jet of water under pressure removes obstructions, incrustations and breaks the occlusions with great efficiency and speed.

There are multiple types of nozzles, standard and specialistic ones depending on the type of hydrodynamic washing to be performed.

The Canal Jet can be used both for sewer emergency interventions and for routine maintenance, the final result is a thorough cleaning of the waste water discharge system and the removal of residues.

The resulting material, fragmented and dragged out of the water flow, is promptly sucked into the tank of the drainage vehicle and sent for disposal.

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