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Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia

Centrifuge rental for sludge dewatering.

Franchini S.p.A. Ecological Services offers unmanned centrifuge rental service for pumpable sludge dewatering.

Centrifuges, equipment with which sludge dewatering can be done, are often required for medium- or short-term projects: for example, when revamping plants or changing machines, to meet temporary needs for increased sludge production (industrial production peaks or seasonality), or to replace any out-of-service machines in the sludge line.

Franchini S.p.A. offers the possibility of renting its centrifuges without operators. You can rent our centrifuges only for the duration of your project, i.e., for as long as it takes to meet your needs.

The cold rental service of mobile centrifuges is active both in Italy and abroad.

The service includes:

  1. On-site inspection or assessment of client's needs;
  2. Jar Test for identification of the polyelectrolyte to be used;
  3. Mobile plant delivery and pickup;
  4. Site setup and dismantling;
  5. Personal training in the use of the mobile unit;
  6. Possible interventions by our specialized operators.

Rental equipment is monitored and controlled remotely by Franchini S.p.A. through the company's management software. In this way, machine efficiency is constantly guaranteed, and Franchini personnel can also intervene remotely to set operating parameters or promptly resolve any anomalies. Should a malfunction occur that cannot be managed remotely, Franchini S.p.A. intervenes with its mobile workshop.

Franchini Ecological Services, the best centrifuges for sludge treatment and dewatering. Also for rent.

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Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia
Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia

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