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Franchini Servizi Ecologici - Bergamo e provincia

Following any type of cleaning service, we evaluate the potential explosiveness of the reclaimed space

The state of gas free is the instrumental verification of the real condition detected inside a tank or a closed confined space, in order to determine the risks related to the formulation of the internal atmosphere.

Through calibrated and certified measuring instruments, we at Franchini Servizi Ecologici, are able to assess the potential explosiveness of the reclaimed volume, so as to allow it to stabilize the atmosphere and make it a safe environment over time even with changes in temperature and pressure.

Gas free verification is required by the Lombardy Regional Environmental Protection Agency and by the DCPREV Note prot. n. 12026 of August 5, 2010 and certifies the absence of risks related to the presence of flammable / explosive vapors inside the tank.

The gas free verification certifies the real state of health of confined or ventilation-free environments.

The gas free verification also allows to ascertain the real safety conditions prior to any extraordinary maintenance activities on the product.

Following the checks, a gas verification report is then issued to the customer, in which a technician duly authorized and registered in the professional register, certifies that all the activities provided are in accordance with the law

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