Cleaning of Process Tanks

Cleaning of Process Tanks
process tanks cleaning

Interventions to the highest safety and quality standards

Cisterns and process tanks are an integral part of numerous industrial processes, so their maintenance and cleaning becomes essential and necessary for the efficiency and safety of the plants themselves.

The tanks can be horizontal or vertical and contain dangerous substances such as acids and corrosive substances (chemical and pharmaceutical industry).

Also the physical state of the substance stored in the tank can also vary significantly from one process to another, it can occur in liquid state or sometimes even solid.

For these reasons, maintenance interventions in the tanks, including cleaning, require planning of the intervention, specific skills and technical precautions that Franchini SpA is able to offer thanks to the skills acquired with experience and dedication and thanks to the use of modern equipment and highly trained and trained staff.

Our company also provides for the collection, transport and transfer of any residual waste deriving from cleaning the tank.

Upon completion of the intervention, a declaration of successful reclamation of the tank is issued to the customer, in which a regularly qualified technician certifies that all the activities carried out are carried out in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with current legislation.