Tanks inertization

Tanks inertization
tanks inertization

Nitrogen: Effective inert gas to secure potentially hazardous environments

Franchini Servizi Ecologici, thanks to a proven and decennial experience, is able to provide its customers with a safe and professional service for the anaerobic digesters amd tanks inertization in safe conditions.

Nitrogen is an inert, dry and clean technical gas widely effective in securing potentially explosive spaces / volumes: such as anaerobic tanks, pipes and digesters. Nitrogen fluxing reduces the possibility of burning potentially explosive environments through the creation of stable gas mixtures.

Nitrogen inertization takes place according to different procedures, based on the needs and conditions of the environment to be reclaimed and made inert.

Purging (flushing)

This technique consists of introducing an inert gas into an appliance or pipe to let the process gas escape.

Blanketing (covering)

This procedure allows to guarantee constant inert conditions over a product, for example in a tank. The cover method is used to prevent explosions, discoloration, polymerization and other unwanted changes that can compromise the quality of the product itself.

Sparging (bubbling)

A finely distributed gas is bubbled through a liquid in the form of bubbles in order to improve mixing and increase the exchange surface between gas and liquid. This technique is used for example to remove oxygen from oils, wastewater and other products.