Cleaning of Fuel Tanks

Cleaning of Fuel Tanks
fuel tanks cleaning

Franchini SpA is the ideal partner to guarantee your safety

The cleaning of civil and industrial fuel tanks is carried out in compliance with environmental regulations, from initial safety to final reclamation.

The tanks can contain any type of substance (diesel, fuel oil) and are of different types (underground, hanging, double-walled, etc.). each type and method of use is regulated by legislative provisions.

Among the various requirements that must be adopted when starting a tank cleaning activity, the implementation of site safety activities is very important.

Franchini SpA is in a position to carry out all the activities envisaged by the specific legislation: from initial safety measures to final reclamation. We are also able to offer advice during the reporting of installation or disposal of tanks, reclamation of the same, record keeping and maintenance books, as well as the schedule of obligations.