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Cleaning and inertization of process tanks with issuance of leakage tests and gas-free verifications

Franchini S.p.A. Ecological Services operates nationwide for the cleaning and inertization of process tanks with the issuance of leakage tests and gas-free verifications. To ensure tanks are always efficient and safe, regular preventive verification interventions are necessary through leakage tests, recognized by the relevant authorities, aimed at monitoring and verifying their structural integrity. Tank leakage tests are carried out during normal operational activities or following the decommissioning of an underground tank to meet regulatory requirements as per ARPA guidelines and municipal hygiene regulations. All our interventions are conducted by highly specialized operators, using equipment and instrumentation compliant with UNICHIM standards, ensuring the best results in terms of safety and service quality and in full compliance with current environmental regulations.

Process Tanks

Tanks and process tanks are integral parts of numerous industrial production facilities, making their maintenance and cleaning essential to ensure the efficiency and safety of the plants. Tanks can be either horizontal or vertical, containing hazardous substances such as acids and corrosive materials. The physical state of the substance stored in the tank can also vary significantly from one process to another, appearing in liquid or sometimes solid form. For these reasons, maintenance interventions in tanks, including cleaning, require careful planning, specific skills, and technical precautions that Franchini S.p.A. Ecological Services can provide thanks to acquired expertise, the use of modern equipment, and highly trained personnel. Franchini S.p.A. also handles the collection, transport, and disposal of any residual waste resulting from tank cleaning. Upon completion of the intervention, a Tank Cleaning Certificate is issued to the client, wherein a qualified technician attests that all activities performed are in accordance with industry standards and current regulations.

Gas absence verification

The "gas-free" state is the instrumental verification of the actual condition inside a tank or a closed confined space to determine risks related to the composition of the internal atmosphere. Using calibrated and certified measuring instruments, Franchini S.p.A. Ecological Services can assess the potential explosiveness of the purified volume, stabilizing the atmosphere and making it a safe environment over time, even with changes in temperature and pressure. The "gas-free" verification is required by regulations and confirms the absence of risks associated with the presence of flammable or explosive vapors inside the tank.


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